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Energetic health parameters measured:

  • Nutritional deficiencies - vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acid, enzymes, hormones
  • Immune and endocrinine system imbalances
  • Dysfonctionnements of the gastro-intestinal system
  • Mental and emotional states - conscious and unconscious levels
  • Bone, muscular and nervous anomalies and degenerations
  • Pathoges - bacteria, fungus, virus and parasites
  • Allergies and level of toxicity - heavy metals, mercury and chemicals
  • Blood chemistry and pH level (acid/alkaline)
  • Brain waves, chromosomes, genes and neuro-transmitters
  • Glands, organs, ligaments, connective tissues, bone, vertebrae and nerves health state
  • Blockages of the meridian and chakras
  • Profile of potential risks… etc

Our Products



SCIO Therapies available

Homeopathy and iridology   Recent innovative therapies developed by Dr. William Nelson
Electro-acupuncture and reflexology Pet/animal testing and biofeedback therapy
Stress reduction Geopathic stress corrections
Muscular tensions reduction Chromosome/gene stimulation
Aromathérapie and Bach flower remedies Adipose tissue biofeedback therapy
Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs therapy Autonomic nervous system balance
Meridian, chakras and subtle bodies balancing Hip regeneration biofeedback therapies
Sport performances improvement Autism and dyslexia biofeedback therapy
Energetic spinal column alignment  Artery and vein biofeedback therapy
Electro-chiropractic therapy Oxygen stimulation
Allergy desensitizing therapy Hydration stimulation
Immunotherapy and hormonotherapy Creativity stimulation therapy
Metabolism balancing Memory stimulation
Accelerated learning Intelligence stimulation
Anti-smoking and detoxication Degeneration/cancer therapies
Anti-aging and weight loss Neurological biofeedback therapy
RIFE frequencies and bio-resonance Relaxation and sleep biofeedback therapy
Neuro - Linguistic Programming (PNL) Chronic fatigue biofeedback therapy
Sacro-cranial therapy Anti-inflammation biofeedback therapy
Anti-parasite cleansing Blood sugar disorder biofeedback therapy
TMJ therapy Pathogen zap therapy
Musicotherapy and color therapy  Voice test analysis and therapy
Pain control and phobias reduction ADD/ADHD biofeedback therapy
Biorythmes Wound/injury repair therapy
Brain waves harmonization Emotional growth stimulation
Nutritional therapy Electro-Reflexology therapy
Emotional balance  Eye stimulation biofeedback therapy
Addiction Control Therapy Auditory biofeedback therapy
Dental Analysis Depression and emotional trauma biofeedback therapy
Adipose Tissue Control   Adrenal stimulation

Quantum physics and quantum biology merge in this exciting new technology. The Quantum Biofeedback device (SCIO) is an extraordinary device that can help balance the over-stressed body system


A network of therapists already exists who offer energy balancing using this SCIO device under the name of “Quantum Biofeedback ”

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