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What is Bio-Energy D-Tox and what does it do?

Bio-Energy D-Tox consists of a metal coil (Electrode) immersed in a bowl of salty water. Our feet are then placed in this bowl. When the machine is activated it produces ions (charged particles). These ions set up tiny vibrations in our body, sending a higher volume of oxygen and nutrients through our blood circulation. This newly oxygenated blood reaches all our organs, penetrating the cell membranes to target our body cells with new oxygen and new nutrients. By energizing our cells in this way, we are able to then expel a higher level of toxins from our cells. This would be for example old used minerals, chemicals and substances that our body has not been able recognize, process and expel. These will have become trapped at cellular level, making us more vulnerable to ill health and disease.

How do Toxins build up in our bodies?
The human body uses electrical impulses mainly from the brain to function. All the cells in our body produce Bio-Energy. When this energy level is high, the cells function properly (e.g. nutritional absorption takes place and toxins are discharged from the cells).When we

Bio-Energy D-Tox

Before Treatment

After Treatment

become unwell or in any way overly stressed, the Bio-energy in our cells is dramatically reduced. Our cells cannot then function at their best and we become sluggish. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, chemicals and pollution all play a large part in our health.

It has the totally unique Sigma Q vibration that breaks down the cholesterol membrane coating of the cells releasing the toxic fats into the water. This you are able to see happening during your treatment. Because every person vibrates on a different level, and our personal vibration has a lot to do with our health/ill health, the actual amounts of fats that are released are different with every treatment. I believe that it is this release of these toxic fats that creates our wellbeing.
The release then happens - by opening up our 2,000 odd pores on each foot, this machine activates our sweat glands, allowing the vibration of the Sigma Q frequency to pass through our energy pathways to our brain, giving our brain the message to now activate all our cells with our newly increased oxygen and nutrients. The released fats are then expelled out of our bodies via the open pores or our feet, taking with it viral, bacterial and fungal toxins.
Healthcare Experts have tested and passed this machine, and they claim that under active and over active sweat gland production can be normalized.

Fact - As a Health Kinesiology Practitioner, combining a good diet, drinking more water together with this Bio-Energizing Unit has cut down the suffering and has reduced the time that my patients are taking to regain better health.

How many treatments are needed, and how often?
Initially 6 to 8 sessions are recommended. Top up sessions can be beneficial. Depending on the severity of the illness… I have some patients with their own machines that are treating themselves twice weekly. If having treatments at my clinic, then most people have a set of 6 weekly treatments.

How long will the effects last?
Results do depend upon your lifestyle. However, if you are trying to follow a decent diet, cutting down on stimulants and drinking about 3 - 4 pints of water daily, you would find that the effects really do last, and are very beneficial. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes. As a matter of interest, I have found that what ever the individual problem, this machine will target that problem and work in that area.

Is it safe?
Yes. No problems have ever been reported to me, do ask about contra indications. Activities after a treatment are not restricted, you may feel full of energy or needing to rest, as your body will balance to its own needs.

What improvements and benefits?

    There are so many benefits from this machine, including;
  • Liver and kidney function
  • General circulation and metabolism - bruising/injury responds dramatically
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Menstrual problems
  • Skin problems - including eczema, acne
  • Mercury and heavy metal toxification
  • Memory improvements
  • Well being and balance of the whole body
  • This treatment can be used in conjunction with mostdiet plans.

I am very passionate about this Bio-Energizing D-Tox machine, and I am able to supply these machines at a very ‘affordable price’, thus enabling you to use them in your own homes by buying your own machine.

Gratitude to Jacqueline Newman for producing the information.

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